About us

Spa Bangkok has been set up by the spa professionals in Thailand for more than 20 years with the customers’ preferences in mind.

As spa goes ourselves, we had tried many spas but found out that the spas that we love to go are very expensive, so we couldn’t afford to go that often.

SPA BANGKOK is the only answer for us

We started the spa with the concept that people can come to spa as often as they like. They can come here to relax and rejuvenate themselves. All the products that we use at our spas are the same products that our founders use to pamper themselves as well. We tested everything ourselves before launching to our customers to ensure the best products and services from us.

Besides, we create the best value spa packages and membership program that can’t be matched by others to ensure the Spa Bangkok experiences are totally different and give our custmers the best value.
We’ll try our best to keep our services at the high standard and meet all the requirements of the Ministry of Public Health. We are proud that Spa Bangkok has been certified by Thai authorities to ensure the best services.